It literally is what it says, but I’ve included the meaning of “polyhedron”, a multi-faceted object, into this word. (ASKA)

People do not just have one face, but has many faces, like a polyhedron. But there aren’t very many who can speak about all their many faces, but can only talk about the image of oneself, as seen from others, or an image of someone whom you would like to be.
What is the essence of the polyhedron? Or, what is the essence of a person? …

This way of thinking by ASKA has become the title of the tour this time. Actually, this isn’t the first time this theme is exposed. The opening scene of the WALK tour in 2009 starts with a narration by ASKA. It was clearly mentioned in this.

Because it has many faces, people mingle with other people in an even more complicated manner. Joys and sorrows are born. ASKA has been pouring many events and feelings into his songs. How will he express the reasons or absurdities only seen in a polyhedron on stage this time?

* Excerpt from Official Fan Club TUG OF C&A Magazine, August 2010 issue